In a complete exception to our ‘totally English’ rule, we opted to include a Mango Cider in our range. After tasting so many different Mango ciders on the market today, we felt that they tended to be an assault of mango flavour, overpowering the great apple flavour of the cider itself. We wanted to set about changing that. Why produce cider if all you can taste is the mango? Very careful blending and sampling ensued, attempting to find the perfect combination.

This was the hardest of the lot! Everyone remembers the combinations of raspberry, apple and blackberry from their childhood, along with the match of strawberry and rhubarb, but apple and mango is a different animal. We hope that you will agree when tasting the end result, that we’ve nailed it! A lovely fresh mango nose, layered with crushed apples on the palate.

Currently available to buy as a 20 litre (just over 35 pints) bag-in-a-box at £80.