Having spent many years living, working and producing in the glorious county of Rutland, one day it struck us that despite the relatively large volume of apples grown in the county, no one was really producing cider in enough quantity to be able to supply the many fantastic bars and pubs.

That first seed planted eventually led us to the Rutland Cider Companies first medium cider. We quickly realised that we would not be able to pick enough apples ourselves to produce projected volumes and so we teamed up with our friendly hop farmer in Hereford who also happened to have some ancient and commercial apple orchards. Combining Rutland’s finest crops with the best apples grown in the United Kingdom proved to be a winner, with our blended ‘Rutland Cider’ the result. We set out to ensure we could combine this lovely fresh cider with fruits to extend the range.

Currently available to buy as a 20 litre (just over 35 pints) bag-in-a-box at £80.