• Rutland

    Having spent many years living, working and producing in the glorious county of Rutland, one day it struck us that despite the relatively large volume of apples grown in the county, no one was really producing cider in enough quantity to be able to supply the many fantastic bars and pubs.

    That first seed planted eventually led us to the Rutland Cider Companies first medium cider. We quickly realised that we would not be able to pick enough apples ourselves to produce projected volumes and so we teamed up with our friendly hop farmer in Hereford who also happened to have some ancient and commercial apple orchards. Combining Rutland’s finest crops with the best apples grown in the United Kingdom proved to be a winner, with our blended ‘Rutland Cider’ the result. We set out to ensure we could combine this lovely fresh cider with fruits to extend the range.

    Currently available to buy as a 20 litre (just over 35 pints) bag-in-a-box at £80.

  • Rhuberry

    When expanding our range, we sort inspiration from our own gardens. Living in the wonderful Rutland countryside with hedgerows aplenty, inspiration was not very far away. The slightly tart taste of Rhubarb is a natural bedfellow of sweet sun ripened Strawberries and both grow in our very own back yards. Trials blending the flavours with our Rutland Cider soon led us to the perfect combination.

    Drawing on flavours first discovered on a trip to New England and their wonderful classic Rhubarb Strawberry Pie, the balance of sweet and tart make a beautiful, easy drinking cider, the perfect summer drink over ice. Who doesn’t love Strawberry and Rhubarb pie? It’s one of those classic combinations that reminds us of our grandmothers home, and that’s exactly what we were looking for with our Rhuberry Cider, fresh, tasty and somehow comforting. Naturally cloudy.

    Currently available to buy as a 20 litre (just over 35 pints) bag-in-a-box at £80.

  • Bushberry

    Blackberries and raspberries are some of the finest fruits grown in the United Kingdom. Drawing our first samples from our own gardens and local hedgerows and blending the juices with our Rutland Cider, we were delighted with the natural sunshine tastes that leapt out of the glass immediately. Taking us back to our mothers kitchens and the many apple and blackberry crumbles and pies we were fed as children, this combination felt like a perfect addition to our range.

    Slightly bolder in its flavours than our Rhuberry Cider, Bushberry has an amazing fresh fruit aroma of crushed apples and blackberries and a subtle addition of raspberries on the palate, and a beautiful crystal clear deep colour.

    Currently available to buy as a 20 litre (just over 35 pints) bag-in-a-box at £80.

  • Mango

    In a complete exception to our ‘totally English’ rule, we opted to include a Mango Cider in our range. After tasting so many different Mango ciders on the market today, we felt that they tended to be an assault of mango flavour, overpowering the great apple flavour of the cider itself. We wanted to set about changing that. Why produce cider if all you can taste is the mango? Very careful blending and sampling ensued, attempting to find the perfect combination.

    This was the hardest of the lot! Everyone remembers the combinations of raspberry, apple and blackberry from their childhood, along with the match of strawberry and rhubarb, but apple and mango is a different animal. We hope that you will agree when tasting the end result, that we’ve nailed it! A lovely fresh mango nose, layered with crushed apples on the palate.

    Currently available to buy as a 20 litre (just over 35 pints) bag-in-a-box at £80.